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there is a storm in the distance
the wind breathing warning of its imminence
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7th-Jun-2021 03:28 pm - Fic Index
Fic Index

Please refer to each story's header for any warnings or notes.

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WIPs: eight million and four. Approximately. Including these!
I thought about writing a story to go along with this, but the story behind the song choice is basically "tracks one through nine represent the plot of series five, and the rest is them getting together after that," so writing something felt a little unnecessary. /o\ Enjoy! And if you like any of the tracks, please, please check out the artists! They're all mega-talented and totally deserving of any support you can give them. ♥

love, electricity, shockwave centralCollapse )
I was so lucky with fic exchanges last month, guys! Not only did I receive fabulous stories, but I ended up with prompts that were a lot of fun to write and full of things I love. This was no exception: I wrote this for blindingsight, who has exceptionally good taste and mentioned Spencer/Dallon, Z/Tennessee, pining, miscommunication, and high school AU as possibilities. This is all of these things!

So, uh, yes. High school AU, Spencer/Dallon with some Z/Tennessee, ~4000 words, rated PG-13. The title and cut text are from the song Must Have Been the Mistletoe, which has been done by a whole bunch of people and Google is failing to let me know who it's originally by. /o\ woollysocks was my fantastic beta and I cannot possibly thank her enough for reading this through for me even though I didn't send it until the last possible moment. ♥

the magic in the frosty air; that feeling everywhereCollapse )
2nd-Jan-2011 06:22 am - Yuletide 2010: fever in my pocket
Yuletide reveals are up and I was lucky enough to get to write The Runaways fic even though that wasn't the fandom I matched my recipient on, oops. :D This was originally posted here and was written for inlovewithnight.

Joan/Cherie, ~1000 words, rated around PG-13 or so. The title comes from Guess I'm Falling in Love by The Velvet Underground.

Joan tends to favor drinking over dancing, but tonight she lets Cherie pull her onto the floor.Collapse )
24th-Oct-2010 11:53 pm - It's almost Halloween!
It's almost Halloween, which means it's the perfect time for a bandom Halloween meme!

What to post

* All fanworks are welcome: commentfic, art, mixes, doodles, drabbles, anything with a Halloween theme! If you feel like writing a sonnet about Hey Monday fighting zombies, go right ahead! (Seriously, go right ahead, because I would love to read that!)

* If you're feeling uninspired, leave a prompt or two, or pick one up yourself!


* The meme will officially run through October 24th to November 1st, with a masterlist being posted on the 1st, but it'll remain open indefinitely - if you happen upon this sometime in the future and feel like posting something, feel free to jump in!

* This is a bandom-centric meme (and, for the purposes of this meme, bandom means the bands listed here, plus affiliated people), but if you'd like to write about someone who doesn't fit that label, go right ahead!

* Prompts can be filled multiple times, so claiming prompts isn't necessary.

* Our one and only actualfax rule is with regards to warnings. If your fic contains potentially triggery material, please put a general warning label in the subject line of your comment, and please put a specific warning at the beginning of the comment. You can white out the text if you want to avoid spoilers. If this isn't followed, the comment will be deleted; if this rule is broken a second time by the same person, that person will be banned. I don't expect to have to do that, and I really don't WANT to have to do that, so please just be considerate of others, yeah? Things that require a warning: rape/non-con/dubcon, abuse, violence, gore, self-injury, suicide, death, eating disorders. (And if you feel I've missed something big, PM me and I'll edit the post!) If you're unsure, please err on the side of caution.

Also, if you're posting artwork that contains any of these triggers, please link to it in a comment rather than posting it here.

* Have fun and be good to each other! Feel free to pimp this meme out to your friends so we get lots of awesome Halloween stuff. :D
1st-Sep-2010 03:16 am - WIP amnesty
I've had so many false starts with various challenges this year (and with lots of stories in general!) that I've got a load of files that are, like, three paragraphs long. /o\ I'm posting them here because I'm setting everything aside to work on stuff for help_pakistan and werewolfbigbang and I'll just forget about them all if I leave them in a folder.

Okay, so, first of all, I was working on this Pokemon AU ages and ages ago - I think I posted a snippet as commentfic last year, maybe to anon_lovefest? I'll have to go back and find it. Anyway, it was mostly Pete/Patrick but lately I've been playing around with the idea of Arbok Starship. (Yeah, I know. /o\)

I have had it with these motherfucking Ekans on this motherfucking plane!Collapse )

This is - I have no idea when or why I started writing this, but it's post-split bodyswap fic featuring oblivious!Ryan. (Is there any other kind?)

Theoretically this fic would have sex except all I want to do is write dialog.Collapse )

So I've been writing this epically long fic for the past, oh, two years. /o\ It's pretty much just a canon-based fic set from high school through NRWC, but it just refuses to end. :(

Also, half of it is just lists of things. idek.Collapse )

Random HS AU with crossdressing ftw? I think the premise for this was that Brendon had to dress in women's clothing for a dare and Ryan was surprisingly into it.

I think I stopped writing this because it was weirdly reminiscent of my own high school theater days.Collapse )

This is from the beginning of the Z/Tennessee sequel to my bandombigbang fic. It was originally going to be for bandgirlsbang, but... then it wasn't. /o\

I may or may not have posted this elsewhere before, so sorry if you're seeing it again!Collapse )

So sometimes I daydream about Z and Ryan travelling through time and space togther, and sometimes I even remember to write it down.

idk if I've ever written more than two paragraphs of any story about them, though. /o\Collapse )

bandgirlsbang attempt #2: AU where Z is Tennessee's next door neighbor and Tennessee creeps on her a lot. idek, guys.

Also they're starving artists!Collapse )

bandgirlsbang attempt #3: AU based very, very loosely on the Maltese Falcon. Again, sorry if you've seen this one before.

Also Veronica Mars. Also The Mummy.Collapse )

Finally, bandgirlsbang attempt #17324734! In which Laena is a mechanic who lives in a haunted house, Annie is her awesome boss, Z is an amnesiac robot, and Tennessee is her time-travelling best friend.

It seemed like a good idea at the time!Collapse )
18th-Aug-2010 07:31 pm - glitch
secret lines started out as this ficlet, which is just over two pages of Brendon and Ryan and their shop full of inventions (and Alexes). I ended up scrapping it in favour of writing the backstory, but I just found it in one of my folders and thought I'd share.

maybe there was some kind of glitchCollapse )
secret lines (and bound so tight)

Bands: Panic at the Disco/The Young Veins
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Word Count: ~22500
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, some violence
Summary: Ryan is wealthy, bored, and prone to landing himself in the gossip pages; his former friend Brendon is an inventor who's facing a scandal of his own. When their families lose patience, they arrange for Ryan and Brendon to be married. To make matters worse, Brendon is in grave danger - or so says their friend Pete, who's been having terrifyingly prophetic dreams that echo the strange nightmares Ryan's been having with ever-increasing frequency.
Notes: A huge, huge thank you to everyone who's put up with me while I tried to finish this. In particular, thank you to almostblue and manipulant for being awesome betas. ♥ The title and cut-text are from 'Red Heart' by Hey Rosetta!, and some of the fonts used in the graphics came from emerald city fontwerks.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Bound So Tight by merihn
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